Small Business Website

Small Business Website

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Small Business Needs A Website

Only 51 percent of small businesses have websites, despite the fact that 97 percent of consumers search for products and services online, according to figures released earlier from The score Association. The disconnect between small companies and the growing number of consumers who vet brick and  mortar businesses based on their online presence could be keeping entrepreneurs from millions of customers – and dollars. 

A website not only helps small businesses promote and sell their products and services, but it also allows them to distinguish them from their competitors, especially for customers who rely heavily about a company. This makes a website one of the most important business assets for sharing information, building credibility and standing out in crowded marketplaces.


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A Small Business Website

The fact is, no business is “too small” to deserve a clean, beautiful, and easy to maintain website. Building a website for your small business is easy and affordable with no coding skills required.

        • Makes your business look more serious and trustworthy


        • Helps customers find you, no matter where they are


        • Serves as a landing page for all your social media profiles


        • Grows with you as your business grows




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Plan Your Business In A Website

The first step, before you start building, is to think about the different pieces of information you’ll need on your website and where you want them to go. This is your Site Plan. No need to get fancy here; Writing this down on a piece of paper is perfect.

Before you start building your website, you first need to establish your address on the web. In this digital age, your site`s web address (or domain name) is central to online activities, so take careful consideration when choosing a domain name, First, ask yourself which domain extension or .net, best serves your business. Second, select a name that is memorable and descriptive, and isn`t trademarked by another company. 


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